The 21st Century's Messiah
I may seem like a normal girl, but actually I'm a messiah destined to destroy from the inside the world made for men, the 2D world.

>Status of the plan:
*Part One: Infiltration (Done)
*Part Two: Eliminate any trace of masculinity (In Progress)
*Part Three: Complete destruction (Waiting)
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and finally, i’ve paid homage to my favorite quote of the entire game although slightly misquoted here to make things fit.

and now, i’m off to download the newest dlc CAUSE WHO NEEDS A HEART THAT’S NOT SHATTERED INTO A MILLION PIECES ??

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Silly PJO/The Little Mermaid crossover  ;p (I regret nothing) 

Yeah I’m still shamelessly uploading older pics to this tumblr in an attempt to make it alive before I finally have time to draw new stuff…


game of thrones tomorrow


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hnr boys + quotes

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Rose is sleeping and Scorpius gets distracted ;)

I wanted to finish something of my own sketches before I completely jump into commissions bandwagon, haha

it all is still Marion’s fault.

Panda Mom

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